dartways Projects
Automotive Industry
Designed “Tariff Based System” for Engineering Development Board and industry clients to substitute deletion programs (2006), after extensive consultation with government and industry stakeholders. The system is running smoothly into third year of its operation. Clients in Auto Industry are provided solutions for cost cutting, productivity enhancement and material supply chain management.
National Budget and Trade Policy
Prepared National budget and trade policy proposals on behalf of clients for the last seven years. Outcome resulted in improvement in competitiveness, procedural ease, capacity utilization, better return on investment, improvement in market share and exports.
Plastic Industry
Rationalization of Tariff Structure
The lead consultant undertook tariff rationalization exercise for “National Tariff Commission”. This involved extensive consultations with government and industry stakeholders. The outcome was in the form of cascading of import tariffs, identification of value chain of individual products and a rationalized tariff structure as committed to WTO.
Steel Industry
Made an assessment of steel industry in Pakistan during 2007 for the government on behalf of its client. This covered technology assessment, knowledge and skill level of industry, review of regulatory frame work, value chain analysis, impact of international prices on raw materials and finished goods market and recommendations thereof.
Survey on Income-Expenditure of Lower income Groups
A survey has been launched in smaller cities and towns of the Punjab province to assess the impact of inflation, buying power, purchasing trends and the dimensions of socio-political economy of Pakistan.