Syed Mudassar Hussain Shah
Dreams remained the integral part of human nature throughout the mankind history. Every one of us has few dreams but the personifications of these dreams vary from man to man. Most of human dreams are associated to ones life but few people visualise for humanity. Sayyed Mudassar had a dream of later kind; it was very pleasant dream with huge cost and struggle. When he shared his dreams with other people they laughed at him as usual but he did not care and kept moving on the right track.  He fought for 30 years for his dreams and made it a reality. 
Sayyed Mudassar was born in Badar Marjan a remote village of Tehsil Kharian about 51 years ago. His father was a low-rank government servant and  could not even think that one day the heroic deeds of his new born son will be appreciated by the whole world. When he attained the school going age he was put into village’s primary school. Apart from the other problems, Mudassar inherited two things, poverty and permanent wretchedness of his mother.  He was very close to his mother and with the passage of time he felt the wretchedness of his mother more consciously. Mudassar’s elder brother and sister were blind by birth and that was permanent source of his mother’s sadness. One day little Mudassar asked his mother that he wants to do something for special children. Mother embraced him and said you ought to do my son.
After completing primary level education from village school, he was enrolled into High School Kharian.  While studying in 9th class he took initiative to set up a vocational school for village girls and ran it successfully for three years. After passing F.Sc. examination from Inter College Jhelum, he decided to quit his studies and planned to do some tangible efforts for special children. He was penny less at that time. So he re-examined all available options and chose to go abroad.
In 1980, he went to France and for few months worked as labourer. In 1982, he started working with a Gold trading company. He established a construction company there in 1989. Now he was able to materialize his childhood dream. In 1999, he came back to Pakistan and laid down the foundation of Al-Mudassar Special Education Complex in a rented building. 
In 2003, he bought 20 acres of land for education complex in village Bhairwal near Kharian. The entire amount was paid by Mudassar himself. Complex was designed by famous architect Dominic Parney. Total cost of the project was Rs. 200 million. The Special Education Complex has 28 class rooms equipped with all modern facilities for special children, computer labs, library, multimedia room, mosque, an auditorium, boarding facility for 250 students, zoo, artificial lake, play grounds, medical centre, conference hall, teacher training centre in collaboration with U.K based organization and a guest house for foreign and local guests. Now 200 students are studying in this complex and Mudassar is paying more than half of the running cost.  
When DART asked Mudassar to share his experience of happiness and satisfaction over materialization of his childhood dream, he said that he is not satisfied at all as only a building was not his dream because this complex can only enable them to read and write, which is not enough. Mudassar’s real dream is more than this, as he wants to see these special children as productive assets for society.  He briefed DART team about future projects of Al-Mudassar complex, a modern technical college for special children which would be an institution of its own kind in Pakistan. This technical college will start working in the next year. Four workshops are also being constructed along with technical college and these special children would be the workforce for these workshops. Syed Mudassar Hussain Shah is not only the hero for our nation, he is the real change agent who has brought hope for special children of his home town and nearby villages. We all should be proud of him.