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Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) is joint venture between the Atlas Group and Honda Motor Co Ltd., Japan. The company was created by the merger of Panjdarya Limited and Atlas Autos Limited in 1988. Both these motorcycles manufacturing concerns were established by the Atlas Group. AHL manufacturers and markets Honda motorcycle in collaboration with Honda Motor Company. Honda motorcycles are by far the largest selling motorcycle in the country with an unmatched reputation for high quality, reliability and after sale service. AHL manufactures four models, which are CD 70, CD100, CG125 and CG125 Deluxe.

AHL has undertaken to develop local manufacturing capabilities to the highest, economically feasible level. While a major role in localization has been assigned to vendor industries, Atlas has the country’s largest in-house manufacturing capability at its Karachi and Sheikhupura plants. To support the production facilities, the company has established an R&D wing and tool-making facilities through CAD/CAM, which are growing rapidly in size and function as the company expands. Atlas has managed to execute 12 Joint Venture/Technical Assistance Agreements between local vendors and foreign manufacturers for transfer of technology. Besides, Atlas has directly executed 9 Joint Venture/Technical Assistance Agreements other than Honda. AHL is also exporting motorcycles to Afghanistan and Bangladesh.