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Export Opportunities for Castings Export

Mr. Imtiaz Rastgar, CBI External Expert, along with CBI Exhibitors attended the ACHEMA Trade Fair, in FRANKFURT, GERMANY from 18-22 June, 2012. There were 32 companies hosted by CBI spread in 5 different halls according to their specialization. The following is a brief report by Mr. Rastgar indicating business opportunities for Pakistan.

Recently concluded ACHEMA 2012 is the world's largest chemical machinery trade fair taking place once every three years. It showcases every kind of technology, service, equipment, material and research on the chemical, bio, food, nano and research aspects of the process industries.
Among many aspects of the process industry are pumps, compressors and valves, which occupied several large exhibition halls at the ACHEMA.  Large and small companies from all over the world displayed their products in these halls and it was a big platform for manufacturers of castings to identify opportunities for supply of castings to these companies.
Materials for casting needed by valve, pump and compressor manufacturers range from grey iron and ductile iron to stainless steel and exotic metals. China and India were seen as aggressive exporters, while Pakistani companies, with the exception of a few, were conspicuously absent from this important venue. This was despite the fact that European valve and pump manufacturers are constantly subcontracting their casting production to low cost countries and it is for Pakistani casting producers to seize this opportunity for cast metal exports.
The CBI had organised, for its Export Coaching Program participants, pavilions in five different halls. There were 32 participating companies, out of which two were from Pakistan. SCON Valves, a member of the Pakistan Foundry Association, displayed at the CBI Stand at the ACHEMA and returned with excellent results. The company has gained confidence about export potential of its valve product line as well as export possibilities of valve body castings to Europe.
With this experience and hand holding by CBI Experts, followed by assistance from PUM, SCON Valves is now making an investment into a new furan sand foundry. During the ACHEMA fair, a visit was organised for SCON, Director, Mr. Farhan Nasir to a leading foundry machinery dealer to see foundry machinery available in Stuttgart, Germany. It is expected that creating capacity for high quality valve castings will poise SCON for big growth in the export as well as local market.
The second Pakistani company, which displayed at the ACHEMA 2012, is also a CBI Export Coaching Program participant, Breeze Frost Industries, from Lahore. Breeze Frost makes cooling coils for the cooling appliance manufacturers and returned with good orders from ACHEMA.
The world of pumps and valves is looking for sources of cast and machined parts. It is an opportunity as well as a challenge for Pakistan's Engineering Industry to make the best out of themselves.